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Marc Lichtenfeld, America’s premier earnings expert and award-winning financial author, is holding a massive online event to help YOU prepare for the biggest earnings season in history.

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  • With 154 companies set to report on
    October 21…
  • And THOUSANDS more in the days that follow.
  • We’ll finally get a clear picture of 2020’s economic impact on businesses.

Many companies were devastated by the economic downturn and may never recover.

Others actually benefitted… and are positioned to bring in record revenue.

One thing is for sure: the divide will be historic.

According to Goldman Sachs…

“The ‘valuation gap’ between stock market winners and losers is highest in 20 years.”

And third quarter earnings will separate the good from the bad like never before.

That’s because… As The Startup reports…

“Stocks. Follow. Earnings.”

Charles Schwab calls earnings, “arguably the most important driver of individual stock performance over the long run.”

And Forbes says they’re “one of the most important metrics for gauging the financial health of a potential investment.”

So it’s critical you position yourself now to profit from the season’s biggest winners.

How to Profit from the Most Important Earnings Season of Your Life

Marc Lichtenfeld has spent years studying the way stocks react to earnings reports, and he’s finally perfected a system for identifying the biggest likely winners before they announce!

During the FREE online event, you’ll get to peek behind the curtain at never-before-revealed details of Marc’s proprietary earnings system.

It cost more than my car,” he said... and “is designed specifically to identify earnings winners weeks ahead of time.”

His system analyzes every aspect of a stock faster than you can blink and tells you precisely how likely it is to beat or miss earnings.

So far in 2020, Marc has used this system to deliver an average 21.5% gain per play... with an average hold time of 76 days.

That’s 183% better than the S&P 500!

His readers have also had the chance to close out 15 exceptional triple-digit winners this year, partials included...

But Marc expects this earnings season to produce gains that are bigger still.

During The Blockbuster Earnings Season Kickoff, you’ll hear from folks who’ve made fortunes on trades recommended by Marc!

You’ll see undeniable PROOF that this earnings season will be the most important of our lives...

And you’ll discover how to easily position yourself to walk away with potentially life-changing profits.


  • The next three stocks Marc’s system has pinpointed as urgent MUST-BUY opportunities
  • The proven system Marc uses to identify the biggest earnings winners
  • And the “Earnings Kings,” 11 companies that have beaten earnings for 10 straight quarters

Plus, at the end of the presentation, you’ll receive a FREE digital copy of Marc’s earnings calendar which contains precise earnings announcement dates for companies he tracks... so you never miss a big stock move.

Remember, blockbuster earnings season kicks off the same day as our big event, so it’s critical you attend to be sure you don’t miss out on this season’s UNPRECEDENTED stock moves.

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